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Thursday, 31 October 2013

Thanks to my 50,092 blog visitors

Tiejun Tang

Up to now Chinese Medicine Forum has got over 50,000 visitors. I built this blog at the February 2010, in three and half years time the more and more people from different countries come to visit my blog and many of them leave their comments. 

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Comments from greenjade,

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The top ten countries of my readers are:

United States               16454
United Kingdom           10951
Australia                        3033
Canada                          1811
Germany                        1499
France                             780
Russia                             553
Singapore                        474
China                               456
India                                 311

Thanks for your support. Your feedbacks encourage me to write more papers. I am very happy to share my knowledge and experience with every reader. I really hope these papers can give some help to patient or student.  Hope this small blog might bring you a healthy body and a happy mood. 

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