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Sunday, 16 October 2016

Public Openday to commemorate Mr Sun Yat-Sen's 150 anniversary

Tiejun Tang

The 12th November 2016 is the 150 years anniversary of Mr Sun Yat-sen, the first president and founding father of the Republic of China. The Sun Yat-sen University of Medical Sciences (SUMS) is originated from Boji Medical College,the first western medicine collage in China. Mr.Sun Yat-sen used studied medicine in Boji in 1886.
In 1896 he was Kidnapped in London by Qing government. The British government intervened and ordered the Chinese embassy to release him.You still can found his black plaque in 4 Warwick Court, Holborn, WC1.
I used did my postdoctoral research in SUMS, as alumni of Mr Sun Yat-sen I hope to organize a public open day at Mr Sun's 150 years anniversary day, the 12th of November. But I have planned to attend the 13th World Congress of Chinese Medicine in Auckland New Zealand at that day, so I have to use the nearest Sunday 6th November as public open day to commemorate Mr Sun Yat-sen.
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