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Monday, 3 March 2014

The truth about TCM

Tiejun Tang

If there is a yin, there is a yang,
If yin and yang keep balanced, you will be in good health;

If there is a blockage inside body, it will cause a pain,
If the obstruction is removed, the pain will be released;
If there is a qi stagnation, the blood stasis will following,
If there is a qi deficiency, the blood deficiency will following;

If the qi stagnation in the liver meridian, the depression will occurs,
If the qi stagnation in the stomach and intestine, the distension will emerge,
If the liver yang excess, there will be dizziness or hypertension,
If the kidney yin deficiency, hot flash and night sweat will arise,
If there is a disharmony between kidney and heart, insomnia will occurs,
If there is a disharmony between liver and spleen, it will lead to a IBS,
If there is damp-heat in bladder, there is UTI;

If you have too much dampness, the obese will arise,
If you drinking too much alcohol, the damp-heat produce,
If you smoking too much, the heat toxin will damage your lung;

If you want be healthy, you should take care yourselves,
If there is heat, cool it,
If there is cold, warm it,
If there is dryness, moisten it,
If there is dampness, dry it,
If there is deficiency, supplement it, and
If there is excess, drain it;

If you like to try, I will make you fine,
If you want to know more, I can tell you why.
… …

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