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Sunday 17 June 2012

How to treat urinary tract infection with Chinese herbal medicine?

Tiejun Tang
Urinary tract infection (UTI) is a very common disease. It might occur in any age groups. It is more common in women than in men - it's estimated that half of all women in the UK will have a UTI at least once in their life and one out of every 2,000 healthy men will develop one each year.

If you’ve got urgent frequent urination and pain or a burning sensation when urinating, you might have UTI. A urine sample test can diagnose this disease easily.

Most of UTI are easy to treat if the patients have a good reaction to antibiotic. Many acute UTI can be cured in couple of days. But in some cases, the antibiotic seems no effect or less effect when you use it at second time. Why antibiotic doesn’t work? That is because the pathogenic bacteria can be different in different patient, or even the same patient’s different infection. Usually antibiotic only target on a certain bacteria, if the antibiotic doesn’t match the bacteria, it will no effect. The other reason is bacteria get resistance to antibiotic. In this condition acute UTI will change to chronic one. Mild urethritis might develop into cystitis or even pyelonephritis. What can you do when you facing this situation? Traditional Chinese medicine can help you to get rid of UTI.

Chinese medicine believes the symptoms of UTI are due to bladder damp-heat. Many herbs have a good function to expel dampness and clean away the heat from bladder. When antibiotic doesn’t work on UTI, Chinese herbal medicine often reveals a good effect. To release bladder damp-heat, Bazheng San is the first choice. This traditional formula was original recorded in He Ji Ju Fang -- an authorized pharmacopoeia of Song Dynasty (1151 A.D.) The original formula of Bazheng San contained nine ingredients: Cheqianzi, Jumai, Bianxu, Huashi, Zhizi, Gancao, Mutong, Dahuang and Dengxincao. In this formula Mutong should be removed because it might cause kidney function damage. Tongcao can be selected as an alternative. Huashi is a mineral, it should be removed if there is a legal limitation in some countries. Pugongying and Diding can be added if more white blood cell in the urine. Daji, Xiaoji and Baimaogeng can be added if more red blood cell in the urine or hematuria. According to patients individual constitution more modification on the ingredients and dosage should be done about this formula.

Chinese herbal medicines have a multiple target effect on many bacteria, it never cause resistance. When you have above troubles in UTI treatment, why not to try something new?


  1. I have being researching about urinary tract infection and reading your blog, I found your post very helpful.

  2. Its a very helpful post sir.My mother suffer from recurent UTI and most of the antibiotics become resistant without one.In this case I found this post very effective..But sir can you please tell me about the dose and mixing proporrtion of these herb.

  3. Great post. UTI problem is common in women's. To get relief from this problem there are so many remedies like UTI supplements