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Sunday, 14 October 2012

Get to know TCM research update online

Tiejun Tang     

If you are a student of TCM or acupuncture, this link will be useful to your study.
If you are a practitioner, this link will be helpful to your practice.
If you are a patient who is doubtful about TCM, this link may be able to give you a new opinion about acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine.
As a research executive of ATCM, I edit research updates for our members. Many of our members may think that they are just practitioners and are not interested in research work. This should not be the case. As a practitioner, you all hope to be able to help as many patients as possible. When we tell our patients verbally how effective TCM and acupuncture treatment is, not all patients will believe it straight away. In fact, many of them would like to know evidence as to why and how it works. Maybe some of our members are too busy to have time to research on this information, now ATCM provide research information on a regular interval.

May I suggest every ATCM member to disseminate this information to 10 patients each month. We have over 700 members, in this way, within a year there will be over 80,000 people who can get to know about TCM as a scientific based medicine. This will create a strong voice in the public, strong enough to be heard by the government, by the Department of Health, by the decision makers of statutory regulation. In this way every ATCM member will be able to gives their contribution to statutory regulation of TCM in UK.

TCM education is facing a set back recently. Some universities have even ceased their TCM programme and some are considering it. Universities have heard too much negative aspects from some western medicine scientists. They consider TCM being not an evidence-based medicine and that it should be eliminated from higher education in the UK.

Our research updates will be a positive approach to convince the public of the efficacy of TCM. And such information will need your help to be circulated to your patients and your friends. Let's work together to set up a good impression of TCM to the public.


  1. Thank you very much, Dr. Tang. You are so right, if we don't spread the word, who is going to believe us???