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Friday, 16 August 2013

Goodbye Asante and Hello Middlesex

Tiejun Tang

I quitted my job at Asante Academy of Chinese Medicine on 15th August 2013. I had worked in Asante for 8 years and 4 month since April 2005. Eight years is longer enough to keep a lot of memories in my mind, and I had met many very nice colleagues, many lovely students and many patients. Some of them became my good friends. I would like to say thank you to Dr Ke for given me the opportunity to meet so many good people, to teach so many students and to serve so many patients. Thank you to my dear colleagues for everything you did for me in the past days. Thank you to all the staffs of Day Treatment Centre in Whittington hospital.  At the time to say good bye, I send my best wishes to all of you.

Eight years time is nearly a quarter in my 34 years Chinese medicine career. My first job was at Xijing Hospital, the Forth Military Medical University, it last 5 years and ended because of my MSc study. My second job was at the First Military Medical University, it last for 12 years, but these 12 years was interrupted by my PhD study and post doctoral research work at two other universities. Asante work is the longest job in my career without any interruption. Before I came to UK, I had spent 26 years time to accumulate my Chinese medicine knowledge in China. As a medical practitioner, I believe that if you want to give your patient a better service you should continue updating your medical knowledge. That is why I never stop continuing professional development for higher degree. The patient’s precious life and health is in your hand. You cannot make any mistakes at any time.

From September I will join a completely new teaching clinic of Middlesex University which is based near Hendon campus. I will continue my clinical treatment and teaching work in that new clinic. New term will be a new start. I will meet new colleagues, new students and new patients. In this complementary medicine clinic we will have Chinese medicine, western herbal medicine and ayurveda. Three branches of traditional medicine will work together. I think this combination will give patients more benefits. I am very sure the new clinic will become one of the best teaching clinics in complementary medicine field.

If you are my patient or used to be my patient, you are more than welcome to see me at the new teaching clinic of Middlesex university.

You also can see me at my private clinic in Harley street central London. You can book your private or student treatment session online at www.harleystreetchineseacupuncture.co.uk