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Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Deng’s Herbal Tea

Tiejun Tang
Drinking herbal tea is a very popular for keeping healthy in the southern China. People often drink some herbal tea for clearing heat and detoxification. It is called Liang Cha in Cantonese, mean cold tea. Drinking Liang Cha can keep you away from flu and many other unwell during the hot summer. Deng’s Herbal Tea is a new form of Liang Cha, which was invented by my tutor professor Deng Tietao. Due to its good prescription and excellent pharmaceutical technology, it became one of the most popular healthy products in China.

Deng’s herbal tea is composed of six natural herbs. They are Jinyinhua, Baimaogen, Juhua, Sangye, Pugongying and Gancao. It has heat clearing and detoxification function, so it can be used to treat and prevent common cold and flu which is due to wind-heat. It also has a function of benefiting liver and cooling blood, it can reduce the harm of alcohol and smoking, it is good for heavy drinker and smoker. Because it is good at clearing the heat from lung and stomach, Deng’s herbal tea also can clean acne for any age groups. The modern pharmacology research shows it has an antivirus, immune enhance and diuresis functions.

Deng’s herbal tea has different formulations. Pop can is easier to dink at anytime and any condition. Granule is suitable for family and office worker. Lozenge is easier to carry and taken. Syrup is good for release constipation and moisten lung because it is prepared with honey. There is a no sugar granule special for diabetic population.

The weather of UK is not as hot as southern China. Is it necessary to drink Liang Cha? My answer is yes. For the most British their heat is not from the weather, it is from their life style. According to Chinese medicine’s theory, mutton, lamb, any baked food, chocolate, alcohol and smoking are easy to produce heat or damp-heat. If any one of the above mentioned is your favourite, you probably will have more heat in constitution. You need Liang Cha to expel these pathological fires. Deng’s Herbal Tea is a right choice.


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  2. Hello Sir Tiejun, I love your review about herbal tea. It is very well written and really very informative. I love drinking tea and for me, tea is better than a coffee. I have also my favorite brand of tea, its the ayahuasca tea. Anyone can try and buy ayahuasca.