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Friday, 24 October 2014

A High Standard TCM Services and Achievement

Tiejun Tang 

This year is 20 year’s anniversary of ATCM. We will publish a commemorative album for celebrate 20 years birthday of our association. As a council member of ATCM,  I have drafted next paragraph for this album.


   High standards of TCM service come from high quality practitioners. The ATCM always maintains a higher level of enrollment standard. Every member must pass the enrollment exam and interview. Most full members are qualified from Chinese medicine universities in China or Traditional Chinese Medicine programs in the universities of the UK. All members have completed accepted degree programs in Chinese medicine and acupuncture primarily 4-5 years of university training. All our members have a BSc degree in Chinese Medicine, TCM or equivalent related degrees and currently about half our members also have an MSc degree and some also a PhD with post-doctoral research experience. Good professional qualifications ensure a high standard for TCM services.

     ATCM has focused on member’s training since its establishment. We always arrange a half day for academic report at every year’s AGM. Each year we invite 3-4 eminent specialists to deliver lectures for our members. Our Education Committee organize a regular CPD programme every year and these workshops provide an excellent chance for members to update their knowledge and exchange clinical experience. Our Research Committee edits and issues research updates every 3 months. All of our members can stay informed about the latest laboratory and clinical research progress in the field of Chinese herbal medicine and acupuncture. Our aim is to ensure all ATCM members follow up on newly available knowledge and techniques and are aware of the latest developments in research. Only by maintaining up to date knowledge can our practitioners continue to provide a high standard of TCM services to the public.   

When you walk into an ATCM member’s clinic, you will find it clean and tidy regardless the size of the venue. Our Professional Conduct Committee created the code of practice and professional conduct when ATCM was established 20 years ago. The Professional Conduct Committee inspects member’s clinics at random to ensure all set regulations are followed guidelines are carried out correctly. If any member is found to have breached the code of conduct or guidelines of ethical practice, they will receive a warning and may be subject to disciplinary procedures. Codes of conduct and practice provide maximum protection for the safety and benefit of patients. We have a strict requirement for professional ethics of members. Each member must behave in an ethical fashion and ensure that their actions always put the patients’ benefit first. The positive image of TCM practitioners in UK has gradually been set up by ATCM members.

Millions of patients have received the TCM treatment from ATCM members in the past two decades. Our members have become the main force in the TCM clinics all over the UK, and are also in most TCM positions in NHS hospitals and universities of the UK. ATCM members participate in most international conferences for TCM and acupuncture. Commissioned by the World Federation of Chinese Medicine Societies, ATCM successfully hosted The 8th World Congress of Chinese Medicine in 2011 and London Forum of Chinese Medicine in 2013. ATCM are the largest TCM professional body in the UK and we are receiving increasing attention and positive feedback from colleagues globally.